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Mobile Phone Billing Is Now Available For Google Play Items

A fresh announcement from Google lets Android users know that they can purchase movies, apps, books or any other items from Google Play (formerly known as Android Market) with a much simpler method - by way of monthly payments via your mobile phone bill.

"No credit card or registration is needed. To take advantage of the feature, make sure that your apps are targeted for distribution in these countries," says Google's official announcement on the support page for the developers.

Some carriers already offer this option to their subscribers, but this feature will soon be rolled out to other networks. Now though, the service will extend from app downloads to a huge range of items that can be bought from Google Play.

For US customers, T-Mobile allows its customers to buy the following from Google Play: apps, music, movies and books. Sprint is also expected to announce a similar service for its Android users soon.

In Europe, the service is available on T-Mobile International (Germany, UK) and Vodafone (Germany, Italy, Spain, UK). For smartphone users in Japan, subscribers from DoCoMo, KDDI and Softbank can also take advantage of this new service.

Source: Google Play for Developers

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