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Panasonic Advert To Explain Smart TV Functions

Panasonic is launching a new TV spot tonight that is designed to explain to Britons just exactly why we need a smart TV.

Recent surveys have shown that British people really aren't fussed with TV applications. That said, we're not that interested in 3D either. Perhaps the UK just isn't as forward thinking as we like to believe, or as Panasonic seems to think; we just don't quite understand.

The 30 second advert that's already appeared on YouTube shows a family interacting with their television by swiping pictures from a tablet to the main TV screen, Skype video chat, video-on demand and some basic gaming.

There's a lot of Panasonic hardware on display as well, including the Eluga phone and Viera TVs.

There's a big emphasis throughout the advert though on social interaction, something that TV watching isn't exactly well known for. However, in each shot we're shown the parents giving each other knowing looks and friends celebrating a race they've just watched together with their pal across the globe.

Don't take my word for it though, you can get a jump on the advert and watch it now. Go on, who doesn't want to deliberately watch an advert?

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