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Q3: iPhone 5 Release Date?

Every time Apple gears up to release a new product, analysts wonder what's in store for the Cupertino-based firm - especially when the focus of the new product is the release date for the sixth generation iPhone.

We still don't know what it will be called - iPhone 5 sounds too inaccurate whilst the label of 'iPhone 4G' is not permitted by international regulators. Apple is known to surprise its fans and the media when it comes to new releases, with the latest iPad proving this theory.

We'd like to know, however, when the handset will be introduced to the market. Previous rumours from Apple's supply chain point out that the next iPhone will respect the one-year life cycle and consequently, be released sometime in October.

The iPhone 4S was launched last October just before the holiday shopping frenzy - a successful strategy that paid off. However, sources from Apple's Asian supply chain, quoted by DigiTimes, suggested that we might see an even earlier release of the next iPhone as apparently the iPhone 4S is already living the final stage of its product life cycle.

Source: ComputerWorld

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