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Tidepool Raises $1.5 Million in Funding

Tidepool, a startup that's developing a technology said to detect the personality from a person's response to certain photos, has managed to gather up over $1.5 million in funding.

The technology works by showing you a number of photographs, at which point you're asked to rank them from your favourite, to the one you like the least. There's also the choice of which image you prefer between two options, categorising pictures in sections you consider valid and more.

From this test and others like it, the founders of Tidepool hope to be able to detect personality. Counter to traditional personality tests, like that of the Myers Briggs where there are only a small number of categories that people fit into, Tidepool's technology puts you in one of 60. Some of these include "maverick" and "producer" alongside some stranger sounding ones like "the different drummer."

At the moment the technology works like a simple personality test that has been around on the Internet for years. However, Tidepool's Kabir Sagoo has bigger plans, hoping that it can be used to match people up on dating sites and places where contacting people of similar interests and personality is important.

"Questionnaires are boring and easily gamed," he explains. "TidePool brings imagination and creativity to testing...eventually your photos will become a lot more valuable to you when you use TidePool."

So far there has been little hard data to back up the claims by Tidepool's personality engine, but the developers say they are pursuing testing to prove its findings. The added funding from this recent round of hat-in-hand will most likely help that.

Source: TechCrunch

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