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Windows Phone 8 Tested On The Nokia Lumia 900?

Pictures of a Nokia Lumia 900 running on Windows Phone 8 "Apollo" has surfaced the web, leaking no other details than the simple fact that the future OS version might have been tested by Nokia officials.

The picture shows a Cyan version of the Lumia 900 stuck on the Apollo lockscreen, with the "Enter password to continue" field displayed.

A nice looking blue-ish virtual keyboard appears at the bottom of the screen, while the upper-right corner leaks the build number of the packed Apollo version: 3.7. This is a bit different from the four-number builds that Microsoft used on previous versions.

The login page looks very similar to the one found in Windows 8, as it maintains the simple and clean design. The virtual keyboard also looks exactly like the one found in Windows Phone 7.5 so Microsoft may have opted to not change it in the upcoming OS.

A closer looks reveals that this might not even be a Lumia 900, as it holds no physical buttons and most of all, the front-facing camera in the top-left corner is completely missing.

Secondly, Nokia's own logo is also missing, denoting a possible fake or the possibility that this is just a testing model; manufacturers have the habit of using unfinished models to test particular features.

This or perhaps Microsoft is actually preparing Windows Phone 8 as an upgrade to existing WP7.5 running handsets.

Image credit and source: PhoneArena