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Apple Beats Android In Time Spent On Mobile Games

American gamers on the move prefer Apple's devices than a similar smartphone or tablet from Android, revealed a recent study. Newzoo released the latest report on the gaming industry and revealed where the most addicted gamers were as well as their toys of choice.

Apparently, on the American market, the numbers have exploded in the last quarter. The number of mobile gamers is now 101 million, up from the previous report, which showed 75 million gamers.

Almost 70 per cent of mobile gamers prefer their smartphones and 21 per cent of them play using their tablets.

US iPhone and iPad gamers are likely to spend five times more on games than that of Android owners. Twenty-eight per cent of smartphone gamers use an iPhone whilst 60 per cent use an iPad.

The study is based on research from the National Gamers Surveys that polled 17,000 gamers from both platforms, Android and iOS. The survey's findings were coupled with Apple's and Google's revenue reports for game revenue and download data.

Source: Forbes

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