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Apple Wants For iPhone 4S Successor?

Whilst everyone is left wondering what exactly Apple is going to name its upcoming iPhone, the company has since secured relevant domain names. According to a recent report, Apple has filed a claim at the World Intellectual Property Organization looking to control the domain.

Currently, hosts a small forum where Apple fans can debate the latest rumours on the next generation iPhone. The website has published in the footnotes the disclaimer outlining the fact that they are not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Apple.

The forum now has over 350 members who seem conflicted over Apple taking the domain.

Bloggers, tech writers and Apple enthusiasts all expected the iPhone 4S to be called iPhone 5, since it is the fifth generation of Apple handsets. It would be a sure bet to say that Apple will not name its upcoming handset the iPhone 5.

Apple is not known to follow the numerical series of its devices. Many analysts believe that Apple will name the future iOS handset, "next/new iPhone," like the "new iPad," or iPhone LTE. The company needs, however, to control the iPhone brand names in the virtual world.

Source: Fusible

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