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BlackBerry 10 Screen Sharing Feature Leaked

Details of some features the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system will boast have been spilled on the CrackBerry forum.

RIM has been having a tough time of it lately, to say the least, between flopping tablets which were released with no native email client, to major global outages and a seriously sliding smartphone market share. IDC figures for Q1 2012 show RIM has fallen to 7 per cent in the global smartphone vendor market, halved from 14 per cent the previous year.

So BlackBerry 10 needs to be pretty darn impressive to turn this all around - fortunately, the features CrackBerry user "Biggulpseh" revealed are interesting ones apparently pulled from internal company documents (which came from a "credible source").

They include a tilt-sensitive lock screen which delivers notifications to the user based on the movement of the handset, and on the video calling side, the ability to screen share - which could be very useful indeed. A well-featured video editor is also on the cards.

RIM recently unveiled the beta dev toolkit for BlackBerry 10, and prototype alpha handsets, showing the company is serious about getting app developers kickstarted early, well before handsets bearing the OS emerge.

RIM still has a hell of a battle on its hands to stop the rot where its handsets and reputation are concerned, though. And Microsoft's Windows Phone has the company targeted when it comes to stealing smartphone market share.

Source: Engadget