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HTC Sense 4.0: Better Than Stock ICS

Drew Bamford, HTC's AVP of user experience, recently sat down with LaptopMag's reporters and unveiled some of his company's secrets. The main topic was HTC's latest version of Sense, the platform designed for the company's Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphones.

Bamford detailed the design process and the sources of inspiration that led HTC's team to develop Sense 4.0.

For both himself and his HTC customers, it makes sense to have top end models like the HTC One S and One X integrated with the best features available. Some of the enhancements brought by Sense 4.0 are tied to the visuals.

The glossy buttons are now toned down with a more matte appearance taking their place. "We took inspiration from matte finishes that have become very popular in high-end automobiles. We also took a warmer approach to the color palette to make it feel more inviting and friendly," said Bamford.

The graphic interface has also been simplified to help users easily find what they need, whilst the familiar weather clock was kept within the design.

Source: LaptopMag

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