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Late News: LG Google TV Coming to US this Month?, Sage Moves into the Cloud with Azure, Apple Sued Over Data Collection

LG is all set to have another bash at Google TV sets, with new models due out as soon as the end of this month. Reuters reckons that the fresh offerings will be due the week after next, and they're part of a push by LG to snaffle more net-connected TV market share. Smart TV sales are expected to take off considerably more this year - online connectivity is what folks want, not 3DTV, according to research - and LG obviously wants a big slice of that pie.

Sage has announced that it is hooking up with Microsoft to take its enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools into the cloud. The first step will be to develop Sage 200 for the Windows Azure platform in the UK, with development already having begun, and the finished solution planned to come to market in 2013. A number of pilot sites will go live in the coming months.

A computer crash at the UK Border Agency at the end of last week has meant that thousands of overseas residents might be unable to leave the country for at least the next few weeks. Hundreds of folks queuing at the Border Agency office in Croydon, who were applying to extend or renew residence permits, were sent home last Thursday after the computer system flopped.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, has decided that Apple must stand trial and answer to their iPhone customers' accusations. Users have complained that the company is collecting their data through its applications. Apple is accused of collecting data such as locations without the customer's permission, when users have explicitly stated they don't want to share this kind of information.

There are a huge amount of world class athletes who are going to be in London this summer, showing exactly what they can do across the track, field, pool and various other environments. However, most Olympic athletes, talented though they are, don't have the fame, presence, or sponsorship pulling power of the Usain Bolts of this world. But they can build a presence via social media, or at least, the more tech-aware athletes can.