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Lenovo To Invest $800 Million In Mobile Facility

Lenovo has announced plans to invest $800 million in a new mobile facility, designed to investigate and produce a new line of smartphones that the firm hopes will help increase its stake in the sector.

Set to be located in Wuhan, China, the new plant will also have some tablet and "other mobile device" development.

"As an industry leader, we are aggressively moving forward into the PC Plus era, and with our Mobile Internet Digital Home group actively engaged, we are accelerating development in smart phones, tablets, and other mobile Internet terminal markets," said Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo Group chairman and CEO. "We're determined to firmly seize the tremendous opportunities for innovation in this market, so that Lenovo's customers have even more opportunities to own our award-winning products, from PCs to mobile Internet devices."

It is expected that the new line of handsets will be somewhat based on the already developed Yoga tablet/notebook and the S2 Android smartphone. However, Lenovo has yet to announce what the promised innovations might be.

This is a big investment however, that could perhaps see a new main player in the smartphone business.

Source: Slashgear

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