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Microsoft: Mac OS X "Not Safe From Malware"

Microsoft has released a statement that says the Apple operating system, OS X, is not safe from Malware without adequate provisions taken. Ironically enough though, the latest security hole is found in Microsoft software.

Still, don't jump down the software giant's throat just yet. The only reason a Mac can be affected by this bug is if the Apple user hasn't updated his/her Office software in three years.

Microsoft's recommendation? Make sure you update.

This is a simple provision to take for Windows users, since nefarious programs have been plaguing the popular OS for more than two decades. With the rise of the Internet it got even worse, often with Apple users pointing their fingers and laughing. However, as time has gone on, the tables are beginning to turn, and the ill-prepared Apple users of the world are finding their virus-free experience much less so.

Discussing the vulnerability on the technet blog, Microsoft security researcher Matt Oh said that as the popularity of operating systems like OS X increase, more virus writers will be keen to take a crack at it. There are also a lot of similarities between operating systems, so making multi-purpose malware isn't as difficult as some traditional Apple adverts might have you believe.

At the end of the day, like driving a car, the user must take some responsibility. Whether it's checking the oil and malware protection regularly yourself, or taking it for a regular service.

Whichever camp you fall into though, make sure your software is updated.

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