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NBC To Cover Major Olympic Events Live Online

NBC is changing its coverage of the Olympic this year, electing to cover even the major events such as the 100 metres sprint live online.

Normally, the channel packages up the day's top events in a nightly broadcast, but the outfit isn't worried that having the events viewable live during the day will leech audience figures from the prime-time show.

The live streaming video will be pretty basic with little in the way of trimmings. Only simple graphics will be used, for example, and there'll be no finish line replays, or interviews with the big stars after the race. The online coverage will also use the world feed, not NBC camera angles.

NBC is saving all the razzle dazzle and exclusive interviews for the big prime-time show, figuring that this will make folks come back for more, even if they saw the event earlier in the day.

Rick Cordella, the vice president and general manager for NBC Sports Digital, noted: "It's not infringing upon prime time."

While the 2008 Olympics in Beijing saw stream over 2,000 hours of coverage, it was all smaller events, with none of the big attractions showed online. For the London Games, everything will be on board for streaming, an estimated 3,500 hours worth of viewing.

Furthermore, NBC hopes that the excited chatter generated on social networks by those watching live and online, will encourage others to tune in to the main programme that night.

Source: WSJ