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Nokia Denies Working On Windows 8 Tablets

A Nokia spokesperson came out to clarify Jorma Ollila's statement from last week, denying the fact that the Finnish company is currently working on a tablet device with Windows 8.

Last week Nokia's chairman, Jorma Ollila, claimed that the company acknowledged the importance of tablets in today's industry and that Nokia will be releasing Windows 8 hybrid devices.

Although the term hybrid was not explained at the time, it most likely implied a handset that will accomplish both phone and tablet purposes, such as the Galaxy Note.

Keith Nowak, spokesman for Nokia, shed some light on the situation: "What Mr. Ollila said has been misconstrued a bit...As we have been saying, we are watching the space with interest, but have made no announcements regarding a tablet product."

Word of a Nokia tablet has been circulating amongst techies since last year, when the head of Nokia France confirmed that the company will indeed launch a Windows 8 slate.

Nowak's intervention came not to contradict this statement, but more to complete it with the fact that there's no actual concept to be announced yet. Once Windows 8 launches, a wide range of manufacturers are going to launch a tablet device with the new operating system.

Amongst them we will surely find Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer and possibly even Samsung, the Korean company currently waiting for WP8 Apollo to tackle Nokia and HTC.

Source: eWEEK