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Noon News: TalkMobile Joins Samsung Galaxy S3 Club, Free Wi-Fi at Costa Coffee from O2, Windows Phone Variant of Galaxy S3?

It was expected that Microsoft would find a way to integrate Windows 8 Metro-based applications in its upcoming mobile platform, but now stronger signs relating to this statement have appeared. The confirmation comes from Lino Taldros, an important Microsoft member, who opened a new thread at SiliconValley's Codecamp_12 entitled "Building Windows Phone 8 Metro Applications".

O2 has sent another free Wi-Fi tentacle snaking out across the UK, this one reaching in to Costa Coffee to provide free surfing to customers alongside their morning cup of wake-up juice. The Costa deal will bring free net access to some 14 million monthly customers of the coffee shop chain, with the roll out of the service taking place throughout 2012, beginning in London to ensure those outlets are fully equipped before the Olympics comes to town.

Rumours claim that Samsung is keen to take Nokia out of the Windows Phone game, once the new version (Apollo) arrives. One of these devices will presumably be a Galaxy S3-like smartphone that will run on Windows Phone 8. The information is said to have come from Samsung's executives, who have acknowledged the growing opportunity surrounding Windows Phone with plans to outsell Nokia in the upcoming period.

The pornography censorship debate has taken another twist, as the Prime Minister has decided to hold a consultation on forcing major UK ISPs to adopt an "opt-in" filtering policy for adult material. The opt-in policy means that pornographic content will be blocked by default, and anyone wishing to view such material will have to contact their ISP and ask for it to be enabled (opting in to view pornography, basically).

TalkMobile has started to sell the Samsung Galaxy S3 but you won't find it on its website; instead, you will need to look elsewhere. Instead, check at and OnePhoneStopShop, which like the mobile virtual network operator, are both owned by Carphone Warehouse. It is surprising that Samsung has decided to allow a Tier-2 MVNO to sell its flagship device.