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O2 Rolls Out Free Wi-Fi At Costa Coffee

O2 has sent another free Wi-Fi tentacle snaking out across the UK, this one reaching in to Costa Coffee to provide free surfing to customers alongside their morning cup of wake-up juice.

The Costa deal will bring free net access to some 14 million monthly customers of the coffee shop chain, with the roll out of the service taking place throughout 2012, beginning in London to ensure those outlets are fully equipped before the Olympics comes to town.

O2 notes that its free Wi-Fi comes with no strings attached, and can be used regardless of your mobile provider. It's easy to use, requiring just a one-time sign up, and O2 further notes that these are "premium public hotspots" with plenty of capacity.

The only catch is that you're limited to 30 minutes of usage.

Kevin Hydes, Marketing Director for Costa UK, said: "As people spend around half an hour in our stores, we are delighted to be partnering with O2 and providing our customers with 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi. Our Coffee Club members will be rewarded with unlimited access to further enhance their coffee shop experience."

A month ago, O2 secured the contract to provide free Wi-Fi to 1,200 McDonald's restaurants across the country. The network has also already announced an extra 3,000 Wi-Fi hotspots which are currently being deployed across the UK.