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Samsung To Release A Galaxy S3 Variant Of Windows Phone?

Rumours claim that Samsung is keen to take Nokia out of the Windows Phone game, once the new version (Apollo) arrives. One of these devices will presumably be a Galaxy S3-like smartphone that will run on Windows Phone 8.

The information is said to have come from Samsung's executives, who have acknowledged the growing opportunity surrounding Windows Phone with plans to outsell Nokia in the upcoming period.

The Korean company will wait for WP8 Apollo to arrive (as well as its desktop variant), and will then take advantage of the cross-platform compatibility. Windows 8 shares the same kernel as WP8, which will make developing apps far easier - a fact that Samsung wants to make the most of.

Although Samsung will tackle both the tablet and smartphone segments, the executive was a bit more open when it came to hardware and stated that the company will integrate Galaxy S3's fast processor, a bigger and higher resolution display and of course, LTE.

Samsung's opportunity comes with the fact that Windows Phone 8 brings drastic changes in the hardware section, finally deeming the OS compatible with multi-core processors, high pixel resolutions (HD and above) as well as many other features.

The executive said nothing about the design of the new phone, but acknowledged that the company is working on different form factors to outdo Nokia and HTC.

Competition has always helped the consumer, and if Samsung jumps the Apollo wagon, app developers will surely become intrigued.


Source: WMPowerUser