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Windows 8 Metro Apps Will Be Supported In WP8

It was expected that Microsoft would find a way to integrate Windows 8 Metro-based applications in its upcoming mobile platform, but now stronger signs relating to this statement have appeared.

The confirmation comes from Lino Taldros, an important Microsoft member, who opened a new thread at SiliconValley's Codecamp_12 entitled "Building Windows Phone 8 Metro Applications".

Although there are no distinctive details apart from the title, such as how the software will work with the mobile platform, Lino Taldros claims that the session is currently under NDA and further information will be given "prior to the event."

This event must be none other than Microsoft's Developer summit, scheduled for June. It is expected that during the summit Windows 8 Release Preview will be released - acting as the last milestone before the final version arrives.

Microsoft earlier announced that Silverlight, the programming language used to code Windows Phone, will not be supported by the Metro-style environment. As stated at the time, other coding methods such as XAML and C#/VB.NET can be used to replace it.

Meanwhile, we also know that Windows Phone 8 Apollo will be compatible with all existing WP7.5 applications, with Microsoft wanting to take advantage of its continuously growing marketplace.

It would be great for the software maker to integrate a method of running desktop software from the mobile platform, but it's currently uncertain if existing handsets will be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.

Source: WMPowerUser