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£129.99 Philips 221TE2L 21.5” LED monitor with Digital TV Tuner

Part monitor part TV, the Philips 221TE2L is a 21.5" LED monitor that is equipped with not only features that are apt for a monitor but is also loaded with a digital TV Tuner you can watch TV programmers directly without the need for any streaming requirements.

Ideal for your bed room or your study, the monitor serves you good in terms of comfortable working as well as entertainment experience. The 21.5" screen is capable of a 1920x1080 resolution and with a response time of just 5ms, the visuals that will be delivered - be it for your operating system or sports or action movies - will be smooth as a liquid.

The monitor is equipped with stereo audio capabilities that would go well with the visuals and with interface options such as HDMI input and SCART you can have both conventional set-top box as well as HD console or satellite TV connectivity going directly into your monitor.

The monitor comes with modern touch controls for better tuning of the display properties as per your needs.

The Philips 221TE2L 21.5" LED monitor with Digital TV Tuner is available from Argos for £129.99.