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Big Filelocker Pirate Could Face Five Years In Jail

Known online as "Stainless", the 29-year-old Czech man stands accused of sharing thousands of films via file locker websites. The movie industry is claiming that over the four year period the individual cost it a total of $4.2 million. The local Pirate Party heavily disagrees.

If found guilty later this month when he goes on trial, Stainless will face between six months and five years in jail and a fine of as yet an undetermined amount. Throughout his tenure, the uploader is said to have uploaded over 11,500 files to file locker websites, though it is unknown at this point how many of those were infringing.

Specifically he stands accused of distributing links to his files for the movie Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen. Considering the movie made over $830 million (more than four times its production cost) you'd think the studios wouldn't be that worried.

The Czech Pirate Party has been speaking about the charges, calling the damages "simply ridiculous". Spokesperson and vice president, Mikulas Ferjencik, said: "The Czech Pirate Party believes that it should be up to the copyright monopoly owners to prove that they were actually damaged by downloads. We think that the current setup, where copyright monopoly owners receive the ‘average market price' multiplied by three, is unconstitutional."

Source: TorrentFreak

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