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Handtec Has Best Galaxy S3 Deal Yet

The race to deliver the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, before the phone becomes available on the 30th of May is in full swing, with online retailer Handtec now selling the smartphone for just under £500.

At £499.79, that's marginally cheaper than the Carphone Warehouse deal but good enough to earn it, for now, the title of cheapest S3 seller on the block, albeit one that's purely academic.

Carphone Warehouse is likely to gain the most because it is giving away one freebie with the Galaxy S3, and the latter can be collected from dozens of Carphone Warehouse stores, peppered across the country rather than shipped from a warehouse.

The phone was released last week, in what was probably the most eagerly-awaited non-Apple event of the year. As expected, the phone proved out to be a rather uninspiring one. It shares a lot with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and the only noticeable hardware improvements are the quad core processor and the better rear camera.

Samsung though seems to follow HTC and Apple's route, by focussing more on features like the AllShare Cast, the AllShare Play or the S Beam, all of which are unique to the S3 for now.

Source : Handtec

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