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Hospital To Tweet Brain Surgery Live (With Pictures For Pinterest)

Following the news of Facebook's lifesaving feature rolled out to Australia after its introduction in the US and UK, two other social networks are utilising the power of medicine - with Twitter set to live-tweet a brain operation while pictures from the surgery are posted on Pinterst.

Houston's Memorial Hermann hospital made history last week when open heart surgery was live-tweeted across the globe, and they're looking to repeat the same medical marvel in the form of brain surgery, to be performed by one of the world's most skilled neurosurgeons.

Live coverage of the event is scheduled to kick off on Wednesday at 8:30am EST (1:30pm GMT) while the hospital's very own Twitter account, @houstonhospital, will relay the progress of the operation from start to finish under the hashtag of #MHbrain.

"What will come out of this is a detailed, real-time sequence of what happens in a brain surgery through all the stages from preparation, to shaving the hair, to making the incision, to draping," explained Dr. Kim. "People are very anxious and want to know what goes on in a brain surgery like this."

Outside of the operating theatre, a social platform team will put together relevant updates. A brain tumour specialist will be on hand to answer questions from the Web's audience via Twitter, but it is expected for the operation to reach other social outlets also.

Video clips from the operation will be posted to YouTube and photos will be shared on Pinterest, whilst Storify compilations will provide a recap every hour of the live surgery.

Source: Mashable

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