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HTC One Range Fails To Spark April Revenue

HTC's new range of One smartphones has failed to re-enthuse sales figures, toward the previous heights attained by the company.

The smartphone market is a fast moving one, and currently, Samsung and Apple are moving to take complete control. These two dominating vendors are pushing down Nokia, RIM and HTC alike, crushing their respective market share.

After the big success of the Desire, HTC became a force to be reckoned with, but the numbers have slipped from an 8.9 per cent worldwide smartphone market share in Q1 2011, to 4.8 per cent, in the first quarter of this year (IDC figures).

The One range of smartphones was the big hope for a recovery, but in the first month of sales, April, the impact of the handsets wasn't what HTC might have hoped for.

BGR noted that at the start of this week, HTC announced an April revenue of NT$31.03 billion (around £650 million). While that figure was up slightly from NT$30.88 billion in March, it was still down 20 per cent on April 2011, when the firm raked in NT$38.73 billion.

Granted, this is the first month on sale for the new series of smartphones, so we won't be leaping to any major conclusions. But at the same time, the numbers aren't particularly promising for the initial run at the market.

And of course, the HTC One X flagship model has the Samsung Galaxy S III to contend with, come June.

Source: BGR