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London 2012 Games : Putting the parts together

The Olympic Games requires a lot of people to succeed; from the early days of planning to the last day of the closing ceremony. While Acer has been planning and been a part of the daily Olympic Games operations since 2009, it is the Games and the lead up to the Games where the majority of Acer technicians are required. Come 27th July, Acer team will count over 350 people, with 300 technicians deployed in the venues.

It takes a lot of work to get 300 technicians brought on for such a large, time constrained project. There are very few computing projects in the world that have such an immovable project live date, where everything has to be perfect as every athlete, press and spectator are expecting it to be the best experience of their lives.

The onboarding of technicians starts with a Project Strategy that is finished 2 years prior to any technician ever gets hired, using assumptions that are out of date the moment they are printed. The mass changes in the assumptions means that the whole project has to be flexible and we have to be able to both anticipate and respond to the needs of the Olympic Organizing Committee.

We have currently just finished the 2nd of the three recruitment phases for Acer Olympic venue technicians, 110 technicians were hired during it!. With an interview to training completed time of less than six weeks; the technicians must be as flexible and accommodating as our Project plan. As our last 100+ resources need to start in a month time, we roll right into the next hiring phase without pause.

The balance of having technicians in an operation phase while the Project team is still in a hiring phase has greater complications that can arise than most projects, but it also comes with greater rewards!