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Nokia Fixes Lumia 900 Purple Screen Bug

Some owners of the Nokia Lumia 900 have reported a bug in the mobile phone that gives the device a purple hue. Nokia has acknowledged the issue, and has promised a solution.

The bug has been annoying some users when the screen brightness of the handset is put on to a low setting, which gives the screen a purple tint. Several posts over at the XDA Developers Forum have discussed the problem, and compared the difference in hue - between a good model and a bad model.

The bug was acknowledged by Nokia last month, on its Facebook account, and on a UK discussion forum. European customers were advised to take a phone with this issue to a Nokia Care centre, for examination by the support staff.

There's been no word as yet from Nokia, on the actual release date for the fix, but the firm promised to tweet when the software update is available.

This is not the first problem users have suffered with the Lumia 900. The first glitch prevented users from making a data connection, and a trail of other, less major, issues have followed. Nokia has, however, had a strong response in sales, from regions such as the US.

Source: CNET