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Nokia Lumia Phones To Receive Apollo Updates?

There are some rumours going round relating to exclusive changes being brought to the entire Lumia line, once the Windows Phone 7.5 Tango update reaches Nokia's terminals. Meanwhile, Microsoft may choose to deliver major OS upgrades in the future, with Windows Phone 8 Apollo being one of them.

It seems that all Lumia devices will receive some special attention with the latest Windows Phone update, 7.5 Tango. In addition to the usual changes, the smartphones will take advantage of further improvements made to battery life and the marketplace will be renamed as "Nokia market place".

Also, Nokia's own logo will be present on the application portal and the Finnish company will release an app that allows Bluetooth file transfers between Lumia devices. This software will presumably resemble the already existing app that transfers contacts between phones.

The second part of the rumour, and certainly the most important, speaks about another Windows Phone upgrade. Amit, the source of these claims, posed a question regarding whether or not Lumia phones will be updated to Windows Phone 8.

Amit was assured that Lumia devices will receive "many future updates, including major ones". Although the answer does not specifically speak of Apollo, there is no other "major" version expected to be released this year.

Acting as a contradiction to earlier claims, with various sources saying that Microsoft will not deliver WP8 to existing handsets, it surely lifts the hopes of those that purchased the latest Nokia Lumia 900 with the possibility of new features and further support.

Source: NokiaPowerUser