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Noon News: Google Play Hits 15B App Download Milestone, Nokia Lumia Phones to Receive Apollo Update?, Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases

The jury's verdict has come back on the first phase of the Oracle-Google trial, and while they found that Android had infringed Oracle's copyright, the jurors couldn't decide unanimously on the issue of fair use. Throughout the case, Google has argued it made "fair use" of the Java APIs in question when developing Android.

There's some rumours going round relating to some exclusive changes being brought to the entire Lumia line, once the Windows Phone 7.5 Tango update reaches Nokia's terminals. Meanwhile, Microsoft may choose to deliver major OS upgrades in the future, with Windows Phone 8 Apollo being one of them. It seems that all Lumia devices will receive some special attention with the latest Windows Phone update, 7.5 Tango. In addition to the usual changes, the smartphones will take advantage of further improvements made to battery life and the marketplace will be renamed as "Nokia market place".

Brighton-based company Proporta was one of the first companies to offer cases online for the youngest member of the Samsung Galaxy S family. While buyers waited eagerly for their Galaxy S3 smartphones to be delivered, early adopters should really start thinking about kitting it out with some nifty accessories.

Google Play, the app store formerly known as the Android Market, has reached a major app download milestone - having hit the 15th billion mark. The Independent newspaper flagged up the fact that the 15 billion mark was about to be reached yesterday, but TechCrunch then contacted Google, only to discover that the figure was actually hit a few weeks ago.

Orange has opened the pre-launch registration page for users to register their interest in the new Orange Santa Clara device. The device, given the pre-launch name of 'Santa Clara', is said to be the UK's first Android mobile phone that is powered by an Intel processor. The handset will feature a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and will initially run from Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). Users will only be able to buy the smartphone from Orange, and only in the UK and France.