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RIM Picks Ex-Sony Executive as COO

Research In Motion nas named two new individuals as recent hirees, former Sony Mobile Communications executive vice president Kristian Tear - who will take over as chief operating officer - and ex-VP of strategy, marketing and sales at LightSquared, Frank Boulben - who will now be RIM's chief marketing officer.

While RIM has had a rocky time as of late, its share price took a three per cent jump at word of the new employees joining the firm. No doubt the company and its shareholders will be hoping they can bring a new wave of energy - something that RIM desperately needs. Its hold on the smartphone marketplace has been heavily reduced in the past few years due to the growth of Apple's iPhone and its competitor platform, Android. As it stands, RIM controls a meagre 6.7 per cent of the marketplace. This is down from 13.6 per cent just last year.

A lot of effort is being put behind the company's next-gen phone, the Blackberry 10, but it will need to go a long way to win its way back into the hearts of smartphone users, many of whom consider the choice of a new one between two entities: iOS, or Android.

Source: CNET

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