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Rupert Murdoch Laments Over Twitter's "Social Decay"

Whilst many a celebrity has fallen in love with the microblogging platform that is Twitter, some have yet to be convinced. Enter media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, who ironically, isn't a fan of social media.

In his search to find highly intelligent Twitter users to exchange witty discourse with, Murdoch has tried but unfortunately, failed - leaving him to divulge on his lonesome.

"Seems impossible to have civilised debate on twitter. Ignorant,vicious abuse lowers whole society, maybe shows real social decay," complained Mr Murdoch.

However, when such a high-profile figure bemoans the lack of socialising on a social network, they instantly become targets by other users of the service.

One Twitter user referred to Murdoch's very own News of the World hacking scandal to put him in his place: "Real social decay stems from newspapers hacking into individuals' cell phones. @rupertmurdoch @murphymike #P2 #P21 #TCOT #HYPOCRITE".

Whilst Channel 4 news anchor Jon Snow took a more poetic approach: "@rupertmurdoch I find that in life one reaps what one sows..."

Yet Murdoch hasn't given up hope, and continues to tweet about the news in his usual sarcastic fashion: "@Janiete. See next day's Sun. No offense taken by Woy. See football grounds. Get a life."

Well with an attitude like that, good luck in getting some followers.

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Mariel Norton is a self-confessed girly geek with a penchant for technology, and previously wrote for ITProPortal, with experience on TheNextWeb, UKFast, WorldRemit, Virgin Media, Google, and more.