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Seized Hiphop Site Hits Out Against Authorities

The Hiphop news site seized by authorities last year and only recently reinstated, has hit out at those that initiated the take down, saying that with the little evidence they had, there was no cause for subjecting the site to such measures. was taken down by US authorities after it was said to have linked to four copyright protected songs. From there it was almost a year before the website was allowed to return to full operation. The owners have compared this to federal officials shutting down the New York Times printing press because it discussed concerts that the organisers of had failed to pay certain licence fees for.

In short, sites that link to content shouldn't be held responsible for the laws the content provider has broken. In the same way that Google is never held accountable for any of the torrents or file sharing facilities that it links to.

The lawyer representing the site's owners had some interesting things to say in the statement. According to his report, the US government never revealed to the court that there had been several extensions placed on the domain seizure. The reason for this was supposedly to avoid the site's owners from learning about the investigation, which as the blog post points out is "pretty ridiculous."

The short piece concludes by stating how obvious it is, that the recording industry needs no extra powers in policing copyright. It already has more than enough ammunition in its arsenal.

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