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The Race For Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases Begins

Brighton-based company Proporta was one of the first companies to offer cases online for the youngest member of the Samsung Galaxy S family. While buyers waited eagerly for their Galaxy S3 smartphones to be delivered, early adopters should really start thinking about kitting it out with some nifty accessories.

The hot new collection of cases designed to protect the Galaxy S3 is out now with prices ranging from £15 to £30 - available in a selection of eye-catching colours with surprising designs.

Just imagine "a dainty bird design and subtle pink background" or a large accurate image of colouring pencils. There are also cases for more sophisticated tastes, in darker tones or made out of classic stylish materials.

Proporta's cases have a special blended flavour appealing to the British market. For example, UK smartphone fans can get their hand on a Union Jack case/

"Featuring a traditional tartan design, this Samsung Galaxy S3 case embraces all things British," reads the description of one model. In addition to protective cases, future Galaxy S3 owners could get other accessories, like a screen protector, a 3-in-1 stylus or a range of emergency chargers and backup battery packs.


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