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Twitter Updates Mobile Web Site

Twitter has updated Twitter for mobile web, so that anyone connecting to the social networking site through can now use the new version, released back in December.

The mobile site has been updated "in an effort to give every person on the planet a consistent Twitter experience", explained Satya Patel, Twitter's VP of Product, on the company's blog.

"People who access Twitter from feature phones, low-bandwidth networks or older browsers can now enjoy the new version of Twitter we introduced in December."

Similarly to Twitter for the iPhone's iOS and Twitter for Android, the site is fast. According to Twitter, the latest version uses a third less bandwidth than older variations.

The tabbed new version organises all tweets from a user's follow list under the 'Home' tab, and all @mentions under the 'Connect' tab. The 'Discover' tab highlights what is currently trending, and the 'Me' tab organises the user's tweets and direct messages.

The social network aims to "continue to make Twitter the most accessible way to connect with the world, even with the weakest signals and the simplest devices", said Patel.