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AM News: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Goes on Preorder, Tizen Based Samsung Galaxy S3 in the Making?, iOS 5.1.1 Update Arrives

Carphone Warehouse has put the Galaxy Tab 2 7in tablet on preorder for a mere £229. The device which appeared at MWC in February will be available for delivery on the 11th of May. Like its predecessor, it comes with a 7in PLS screen and a 1,024 x 600 pixels resolution. However, it does surpass the original Galaxy Tab by offering a dual core processor clocked at 1GHz, 1GB RAM and Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The latest iOS version, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users, brings in a series of bug fixes. Apple has announced that users can now download the full update, through iTunes. An alternative update method involves using the delta update from an iOS device, through the Settings application.

Shortly after rumours that Samsung is winding up development for Bada OS and days after the launch of Tizen 1.0 (AKA Larkspur), the Korean company is apparently ramping up investment for the Tizen platform which will merge Nokia's Maemo, Samsung's Bada and Intel's Moblin altogether. According to Tizen Talk which has published a few pictures of the beast, the smartphone has a dual core ARM-based processor based at 1.2GHz and from the pictures we can guess that it has a front facing camera, a side microUSB port, a single home button like the iPhone and a screen resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels with a display diagonal of 4.65in - like Galaxy Nexus.

T-Mobile, the fourth US carrier, plans to expand what it is calling its ‘4G HSPA+' network ahead of the new iPhone launch. T-Mobile has acquired AWS spectrum from its rival AT&T, with an aggressive roll-out strategy for fast speed networks. The carrier is in the process of selecting vendors to support its $4 billion (about £2.47 billion) ‘4G network' upgrade plans.

Whilst it's common courtesy to never mix business with pleasure, unfortunately many believe they can get the best of both worlds - just ask Dr Louise Losos. Former principal of Clayton High School in Missouri, Losos, created a fictitious Facebook account going by the name of 'Suzy Harriston', and whilst it's unknown how long the profile was active for, the true identity of Ms Harriston came to light after the false profile was outed.