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Apple Could Sell 135 Million iPads By The End Of 2013

The financial results of the first quarter have just been published, and analysts are looking to estimate the iPad sales of the second quarter. According to recent studies, Apple's revenue will be secured by iPad sales, as the company is working to revamp its other product ranges.

Barclays Equity Research's AAPL price target is still $750, based on strong demand for the iPad and iPhone. The Mac range will also bring important revenue to Apple's vaults, after an aggressive international rollout.

Apple's tablets are expected to be among the best-selling products. With the new pricing strategy that makes the second-generation iPad more affordable and the new top of the line model, Apple's sales will most likely skyrocket.

In the second quarter of 2012, iPad shipments are estimated at around 14.2 million units. The quarter-on-quarter growth is expected to be 20 per cent.

The third quarter will bring a 12 per cent increase in sales, meaning 15.9 million iPads will be sold worldwide. Overall, in the fiscal year of 2012, Barclays Equity Research analysts predict Apple will sell 57.2 million iPads globally.

Next year, iPad shipments will reach 78.5 million units. The year-over-year increase in 2012 will be 77 per cent and in 2013 will slow down, reaching 37 per cent.

Source: AppleInsider

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