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Apple HD TV To Offer Support For Siri, FaceTime And AirPlay

The long rumoured Apple TV seems to be almost ready for release after years of speculation. A fresh report from the Cult of Mac allows us some quick glimpses at something that appears to be a working prototype of Apple TV.

Reportedly, Apple's high-definition TV set will have an appearance similar to the current LED-backlit cinema displays.

The device will also have a built-in iSight camera, allowing users to enjoy FaceTime video calls. Apple's controller will be the widely popular Siri, the digital assistant featured by the latest iPhone, with the TV to also integrate AirPlay functionality.

The device described by the report is rumoured to be the exact same device Steve Jobs referred to when he had enthusiastically said he had cracked the TV problem. The display "resembles to an Apple monitor, only much larger," says the source.

There are also many unanswered questions, like when will the device be released and at what price. The report also misses out additional information about other functions and features Apple intends to integrate in its future HDTV.

Source: CultOfMac

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