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Apple Lowers Prices For Refurbished iPads To $279

Apple has just significantly dropped the online store price, of their refurbished iPads. The company has cut prices for the original and the second generation iPad tablets.

The 16GB version of the iPad and iPad2, Wi-Fi, 3G and Wi-Fi models, have been discounted by $30, and all the other models have $50 discounts, in the USA. The most affordable iPad version is the original iPad, with 16GB of storage space and only with Wi-Fi. This sells for $279 (£289.00, but the UK customers have missed this deal, as the product is currently out of stock).

The most expensive refurbished iPad is, as expected, the 64GB Wi-Fi+3G iPad 2, which sells for $549 (£529, in stock and with free delivery available). Analysts and other titles are debating over the reasons for the recent price drop.

Apple could have decided to get rid of the older models, as fast as it can, in order to move to the version that contains new a processor. Recently, Apple and Samsung have begun testing a new CPU making technology, which provides a longer battery life and a better performance.

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