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BlackBerry OS 10 Home Screen Pictures Appear

RIM's sneak peak video of BlackBerry OS 10 from last week managed to delight us with some interesting features, and now pictures of how the homescreen will look in the new version have appeared.

As leaks show, the main screen will contain recently used applications (four or more) or, if the user wants to, his favourite apps instead.

When swiping the screen to the right, notifications for all opened software will show Facebook, Mail, BlackBerry Messenger, etc. All of these notifications will be available until the program is closed and once shut down, it will be removed from the list.

Swiping the screen to the left will reveal the classic app-panel that can be found on any other mobile OS, one that contains all of the installed applications and folders that the user creates manually.

As with any other competitor, the BlackBerry OS 10 will probably be mainly based on touch gestures, with the first smartphone rumoured to pack it being touch-exclusive. The handset was caught in the wild as an Alpha developer-testing phone, and has a design very similar to that of the iPhone 4S.

RIM has confirmed the device in a short video, where the new version of the mobile OS is shown having an intuitive virtual keyboard, content sharing features across platforms and screen-wide modes for reading or texting.

Source: CrackBerry