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India Initiates Anti-Trust Probe Into Google

Google is facing an anti-trust investigation in India over alleged anti-competitive practices, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

While the probe will be focused on AdWords to begin with, Indian officials have apparently said that it could potentially extend beyond this, into other aspects of the big G's business.

The Competition Commission of India will be carrying out the investigation, and the agency has previously received complaints about Google's practices in the advertising market.

One such complaint came from Consim, a firm which runs an array of matchmaking websites. Consim accused Google of allowing rivals to bid for important keywords, in turn forcing the company to pay high prices to retain those terms vital to its business and online presence.

However, an Indian official familiar with the matter who spoke to the Wall Street Journal claimed that this affair hasn't been triggered by any one specific complaint from Consim or another party.

When contacted about the action, a Google spokesperson said the company wasn't aware of the anti-trust investigation, and so refused to comment on the matter.

Should it go ahead, it's yet another front on which Google faces anti-trust flak, with the FTC in the US, and European Commission, already on its back over rival search engines and how they're ranked.

Source: WSJ