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Late News: BlackBerry Curve 9320 Announced, RIM Mocks iPhone Through Advertising Campaign, New iPad Delivery Time Cut Down in UK

RIM has unveiled today the latest BlackBerry Curve smartphone, the 9320, previously known by the codename of BlackBerry Armstrong. The new BlackBerry Curve 9320 is the newest budget smartphone from the Canadian handset manufacturer, and features a dedicated BlackBerry Messenger key - for quick access to the popular messaging software.

Recently, Lookout Mobile Security came across a type of threat migrating from PCs to Android devices, known as NotCompatible. So far, hacked websites have been known to successfully attack PCs and infect them with malware without the user even noticing. The attack begins when a user visits a compromised website from an Android smartphone or tablet.

Research In Motion seems determined to regain its former territory, the enterprise sector, where Apple and Samsung have moved quite forcefully in the past few years. RIM's latest commercials designed to boost BlackBerry sales had very little effect, so the company has decided on a completely different approach.

Earlier this week, a Twitter hack came to light whereby 55,000 account details were posted on Pastebin. Fortunately, it seems the compromised accounts were mostly those of spammers. Twitter has investigated the breach, and is continuing to do so, but a representative has said that the usernames and passwords spilled were mainly banned spam kings, and there were also many duplicates.

Several days ago we reported that Apple had managed to sort out some of its supply constraints for the new iPad, resulting in customers in Canada and the US waiting a much shorter period for the delivery of their third generation iPad. The good news has since expanded to Europe, at least to some degree - with the maximum delivery time cut in half.