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Microsoft Says Choose SkyDrive Over Apple iCloud

Microsoft announced on its official page that users dissatisfied with iCloud should try SkyDrive. "iCloud not enough? Try SkyDrive," says Microsoft, attempting to seduce Mac/iOS users by stealing them away from Apple's cloud services.

"Now with the SkyDrive for Mac OS X Lion preview, SkyDrive for Windows, and the release of SkyDrive for iPad, you can save and store your important documents or other files in the SkyDrive folder in Finder and access them from anywhere," explained Microsoft.

The company also posted a demo video, which in just one and a half minutes attempts to convince potential users to give SkyDrive a try.

Reports point out that there are at least three reasons Microsoft might have a better offer for Mac users, with one of the most important reasons being the freedom to access files and office documents anywhere with SkyDrive. With iCloud, users can only access certain files across the devices.

The sharing of work-related files is a lot easier on SkyDrive than it is with devices connected to iCloud. SkyDrive allows the sharing of files of up to 2GB, and provides full support for Office documents. The integrated OneNote also delivers extra functionality to SkyDrive.

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