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Microsoft May Build First Facebook Phone

Sources claim that Microsoft may be pitching Facebook to build a Windows Phone that's fully integrated with the social network. Presumably, this device will wear custom branding and hold the acclaimed title as the first ever Facebook phone.

Supposedly, Microsoft is just in talks with Facebook at the moment, trying to convince the company why Windows Phone would be the ideal operating system to employ on such a handset.

Details claim that the device would carry extensive integration with the social service and branding; along the lines of "The Facebook Phone, powered by Windows" being an option.

According to insiders, Microsoft's tactic is to differentiate themselves from Google, by presenting the search engine as a direct competitor to Facebook and implying that allying with the "enemy" would not be seen as a good move.

Microsoft is also betting on its strong relations with various other manufacturers, including Samsung, HTC, Nokia, as well as a selection of carriers. Facebook will need a company to build the phone and an operating system to power it, and Microsoft seems to have all the right strings attached.

Although there is no official word as to when this device will arrive, Microsoft is keeping its eyes peeled for any chances. If the deal was to go through, the Redmond-based company will receive increased traffic for its search engine and other online properties.

Meanwhile, it appears that the software maker wishes to increase its mobile penetration to further use with a Wallet-like software and a physical PayPal replacement.

Source: Business Insider