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Nokia Lumia 900 Has Best Display For Sunny Conditions

After performing a series of tests, DisplayMate has crowned the Lumia 900 as the smartphone with the best viewable display under high-brightness conditions. Throughout the process, Nokia's device outperformed the Samsung Galaxy S, the iPhone 4, as well as other well-known devices.

The tests mainly consisted of putting various phones and tablets under different viewing conditions, where the brightness changed from complete darkness to indirect outdoor sunlight, and then measuring the contrast.

The first round was held for tablets, where the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 managed to obtain a 57 contrast value, while the iPad 2, the Kindle Fire and Motorola's Xoom scored significantly lower results.

When it came to smartphones, Nokia's Lumia 900 comes on top with a smashing 90 for the contrast indicator, while second place was claimed by the Galaxy S with 80 and iPhone 4 in the third position, with 77.

On the other side of the spectrum, HTC managed to obtain the lowest mark with its Desire - just 15. The Motorola Droid X didn't fare so well either, managing to score just 20 points.

Dr. Raymond Soneira, President of DisplayMate Technologies Corporation, stated that Lumia 900 was the clear winner thanks to its high screen brightness and low reflectance, brought by a new Nokia technology: ClearBlack.

The scientists also advised that the winning phone will be included in future tests as well, where the Lumia 900 will probably be put head to head with tougher competitors.

Source: DisplayMate