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Nokia Not Concerned By LG Moving To Android

Nokia has stated that it is not worried by the news that LG Electronics is looking to make more smartphones with Android, rather then Windows Phone.

Chris Weber, Nokia's President for the Americas, has been reported as saying that he did not view LG as a major player for Windows Phone, and does not think that the Windows Phone market will be greaty affected.

"I see significant commitment from HTC, Samsung," said Weber. "I actually see increased momentum and commitment form a various set of OEMs on the platform." He also highlighted the increase in the number of third party applications available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Microsoft currently has 80,000 apps, compared with only 7,000 a year ago.

The Nokia executive explained that he is pleased with the momentum the Nokia Lumia 900 has acquired from sales with AT&T. Sales staff at the US carrier have received tailored training to best sell the Nokia flagship phone. Special emphasis has been placed on the unique experiences and applications Nokia has included in the Windows Phone package, such as Nokia Drive.

"We feel like we have a very strong value proposition on the Lumia 900 regardless of whatever else comes in," he said. The Galaxy S II and HTC One X are two very strong devices that are likely to be competitors to the Lumia 900. "These are strong companies and good products. We think that we will hold up regardless of what competition is there," he said.

Source: FierceWireless

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