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NotCompatible Trojan Attacks Android Devices

Recently, Lookout Mobile Security came across a type of threat migrating from PCs to Android devices, known as NotCompatible. So far, hacked websites have been known to successfully attack PCs and infect them with malware without the user even noticing.

The attack begins when a user visits a compromised website from an Android smartphone or tablet. Then, the web browser will start an app download, followed by a notification advising the user to install the app.

If the "Unknown sources" setting is disabled, the install will be automatically blocked. "NotCompatible is a new Android trojan that appears to serve as a simple TCP relay / proxy while posing as a system update," warned the Lookout researchers.

Although this Trojan doesn't seem to cause any direct and immediate harm to the infected device, it "could potentially be used to gain illicit access to private networks by turning an infected Android device into a proxy," as stated in the Lookout report.

The most vulnerable users to come under attack would be corporate networks and devices, due to their highly sensitive data.

Source: MyLookOut

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