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Qualcomm Ready For Intel’s Mobile Challenge

Intel may be moving into the mobile world with its new Atom processors, but Qualcomm feels it's more than ready for the challenge from the chip giant which dominates desktop computers (holding an 80 per cent market share in the x86 sphere).

Intel's Atom mobile CPUs have produced some impressive statistics, but despite this, and the firm's reputation, the company still has its work cut out in entering the mobile market from scratch.

Certainly, Qualcomm's Senior Vice President of Software Strategy, Rob Chandhok, believes that his company is more than up to the task of fending off the Santa Clara-based outfit - although he's obviously wise enough not to write Intel off.

At CTIA 2012, Chandhok told Into Mobile that Qualcomm's mobile experience will give it the advantage, and that Intel will find it difficult to crack an already very crowded market.

Chandhok said: "The commercial challenges are going to be tough to overcome ... it's unforgiving and there's so much competition."

As well as Qualcomm, there's the likes of Texas Instruments, Samsung and of course Nvidia all squaring off within the mobile arena, making life difficult for the newest entrant.

The Orange Santa Clara smartphone is set to land in the UK soon - likely under a different name - but the Android handset, with a 1.6GHz Atom CPU, will give us a taster of exactly what Intel's Medfield can do.

Source: Into Mobile