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RIM Takes On iPhone Users With Mocking Advertising Campaign

Research In Motion seems determined to regain its former territory, the enterprise sector, where Apple and Samsung have moved quite forcefully in the past few years. RIM's latest commercials designed to boost BlackBerry sales had very little effect, so the company has decided on a completely different approach.

In order to create a strong buzz around the brand, RIM got involved in some not-so-fair actions - starting with the media first noticing a strange Wake Up protest outside of the Apple Store in Australia.

Wearing black t-shirts, people have been seen shouting "wake up" in front of Apple's store. As no other significant message was released, and no organisation has claimed the protest, everyone has assumed Samsung is involved.

The South Korean company was the most obvious culprit, given the dozens of lawsuits involving Apple and Samsung. Last week, however, RIM admitted organising this mock protest against Apple.

The BlackBerry maker has taken the campaign a step further, by opening the "Wake up. Be bold" website. On a pitch black screen, the word "business" is mentioned obsessively, at least ten times during the course of the message.

Obviously, the text is aimed at Apple fans. BlackBerry owners are not thinkers and dreamers like Apple fanboys, and are presented as action takers. "You don't just think different, you do different," says RIM's new advertisement message.

Source: WakeUpBeBold

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