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RSPCA Backed Mobile Network Launched

The first charity mobile phone network has been launched in the UK via AffordableMobiles which promises to give up to 15 per cent of every top up to the RSPCA.

This follows the trend of charity-backed banking cards like Cancer Research or MacMillan. AffordableMobiles says that customers can expect RSPCA mobile services to cover up to 99.8 per cent of the UK and to be cheaper than all major networks.

It is certain that this mobile virtual network operator piggybacks on the network of one of the five big guys. A text will cost you 5p while calls start from 7p per minute.

Interestingly, the cheapest top up is £2 which makes it worth it for anyone looking to keep a phone number active and is probably the cheapest way to get a phone number in the UK.

Affordablemobiles is also selling a number of PAYG phones with RSPCA Mobile topups like teh E1080 for £20. The company has also promised to give £1 for every new connection during May; that represents only a fraction of the commission that they stand to get going through a cashback company like Quidco.

Source : AffordableMobiles

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