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Telehuman Uses Kinect For Holographic Video Chat

A new 3D videoconferencing pod called Telehuman has been developed by researchers at the Queen's University Human Media Lab over in Canada.

The 3D cylindrical display creates a full-scale model of the person you're chatting to, so it's as if you're standing right in front of each other. Like talking with your very own Arnold Rimmer (except presumably the holographic image doesn't have a big silver H slapped on their forehead).

Professor Roel Vertegaal, director of the Human Media Lab, said: "Why Skype when you can talk to a life-size 3D holographic image of another person?"

Probably because Skype's a lot cheaper than this video pod, we'd guess.

The image rendered by Telehuman is fully 3D, so you can walk around the back of someone and see if they've washed behind their ears.

Interestingly, the technology used isn't as complex as you'd expect - indeed, an array of Microsoft Kinects are employed, showing the possible applications of the Redmond firm's motion sensor beyond playing at being a Jedi.

A 3D projector, a 1.8 metre translucent acrylic cylinder, along with a convex mirror are also employed in the system.

Telehuman is being shown off right now, at the CHI 2012 conference over in Austin, Texas.

Source: Human Media Lab