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Wi-Fi Tethering Coming With Tango For Lumia 800

Wi-Fi tethering was one of the features Nokia Lumia 800 owners awaited and Microsoft may choose to deliver it right away, using the latest Windows Phone 7.5 Tango update. According to diggings made in a Chinese version of the ROM, the option was found present alongside several others.

The discovery was made by an XDA user on a Chinese Tango build from a Nokia Lumia 800C. It's currently listed as "wlan hotspot" and can be activated just as quickly as any other Windows Phone features, using a toggle button.

Apparently, the feature monitors how many users are connected to the access spot, while allowing the owner to view the broadcast name and the password. Moreover, a quality standard for the transmission can also be reported.

The user also listed other interesting features found in ROM, including the ability to export contacts to the SIM, advanced network settings for calls and messages, additional options to change the quality when playing videos and animated tiles for the Xbox.

Traces of a new sign on the top bar have also been found, but at present, there is no information on what this sign could lead to. Most probably, is the location notification icon we've seen before.

Another user tested the version and confirmed that it lacks Twitter and Facebook integration, but considering the fact that these social media networks are out of bounds for China, they will probably be adopted in Europe.

Source: Symbian Tweet