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Yahoo! Director To Quit Over CEO Falsification

It's not been a good week for Yahoo!, following revelations that its CEO falsified his credentials. But just when the company didn't think it could get any worse, it looks like someone was telling porky pies too - the director responsible for vetting Scott Thompson's qualifications, Patti Hart. Understandably, this hasn't made her too popular with the Sunnyvale camp, with Hart planning to resign from the board in light of Thompson's alleged qualifications.

This comes as a double blow for the company, after shareholder Third Point discovered that Scott Thompson did not in fact gain a degree in computer science as his resume claimed, whilst Ms Hart's own credentials have come under fire and that her so-called degree in marketing and administration from Illinois State University was actually in business administration.

Naturally, Ms Hart won't be standing for re-election at Yahoo!'s next meeting, scheduled to take place in June.

But just to make matters worse, as the CEO of International Game Company, she's also been requested by the company's board to remove herself from Yahoo!, according to AllThingsD.

Should Hart step down from her role, this will make her the first casualty of the Thompson debacle. And should the company see fit to remove Thompson from the picture, then we may see a second sooner than expected.

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